Practice Areas

WMDL_147No matter how complex or seemingly simplistic a legal matter, it helps to have a professional in your corner to guide you. At WMD, we have gathered together a team of professionals with experience and knowledge in several key areas.

Administrative Law

Wilson, Morton & Downs represents clients before administrative agencies of the local, state and federal governments in civil investigative, regulatory and enforcement actions. Administrative cases typically involve both an investigative phase and a hearing phase.  These investigations require in-depth communications with federal, state and local investigators and attorneys, so obtaining quality legal representation early in […]


When a judge or jury renders a verdict in your case, you may think the case is over. If the verdict was not what you expected, however, perhaps the most important part of the case – the appeal – still lies ahead. Whether you are unhappy with the decision in your civil case or feel […]

Business Law

Owners and partners, CEOs and boards of directors, shareholders and administrators all benefit from the support of an experienced, trusted legal advisor. Partnering with competent business counsel allows stakeholders in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to be confident that their organization is well protected so that they can focus on promoting the organization’s success. At […]

Business Litigation

Business litigation services involve resolving disputes arising in business and commercial contexts, ranging from complex corporate matters to general contract disputes. These disputes may concern individuals, such as disagreements between owners of a small business; companies, such as contractual disputes with vendors; or even information, such as the misappropriation of trade secrets. Fraud, insurance matters […]

Church and Religious Association Law

Wilson, Morton & Downs, LLC provides general counsel legal services to religious associations, churches and their regional denominational organizations. Our experienced attorneys have provided a broad range of critical legal support to these entities, from basic general counsel advice and contract review to tax appeal and other litigation, including representing a religious denomination before the […]

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime is life altering. If you are in this position, you need experienced and knowledgeable counsel representing your interest as early in the legal process as possible. Wilson, Morton & Downs is uniquely qualified in the area of criminal defense, with attorneys who have served as District Attorney, Chief Assistant District […]

Education Law

Click here to read our Education Law Blog Schools and school systems face an astounding and ever-growing assortment of challenges, many of them involving education law. Public, private, and charter schools must all deal with a host of mission-specific needs in addition to the ongoing challenges, such as contract and employment issues, that arise in […]

General Civil Litigation

A civil lawsuit can significantly impact you and your organization.  Whether that impact is positive or negative depends in large part on having a strong legal advocate both in and out of the courtroom – someone who will provide candid, competent advice and fight relentlessly to represent your interests.  The best way to protect yourself […]

Local Government Law

The legal challenges inherent in providing government services, legislating, avoiding liability, and staying in compliance with state and federal law make it imperative that cities, counties and local government authorities have an ongoing relationship with experienced legal counsel to assist and advise with all aspects of running a local government. Wilson, Morton & Downs offers […]

Special Investigations

Government and corporate entities may sometimes find themselves in need of special investigative services. The attorneys of Wilson, Morton & Downs have provided investigative services to state and local governments as well as business, ranging from small, private companies to large, publicly held corporations. Our attorneys utilize their civil and criminal legal experience in conjunction with […]