Thank you so much for all your help and support. I am glad that I can call you in difficult situations and I appreciate your help and advice.

Professional Educator

Thank you so much for taking the weight off our shoulders.  There are no words for how much we appreciate you.

Husband and wife clients

Your oral argument was one of the finest I have ever heard in court.

Superior Court judge

They were very good at forward thinking about how the case is going to go. I haven’t seen that in most attorneys. Most try to think that way a bit, but they were really good at it.

Defendant in professional malpractice case

They are a great bunch of folks to work with. They all have high a sense of urgency and are very ethical. They have a ton of experience.

City manager

The individual attorneys have different styles and that is a real benefit. They all like to help people who find themselves in unfair situations.

Small business owner

I still cannot express how thankful I am for both of you putting your hearts as well as your brain power into our case.

Small business owner

Thank you for your skills applied for so long and so well.

Member of church administrative commission

There are special people who genuinely care about helping others and you certainly are one!


I work with lots of lawyers. Maybe there’s been one attorney in the last five years  as good as those at WMD. Others don’t hold a candle to them.

Real estate professional