Church and Religious Association Law

Praying hands on a Holy BibleWilson, Morton & Downs, LLC provides general counsel legal services to religious associations, churches and their regional denominational organizations. Our experienced attorneys have provided a broad range of critical legal support to these entities, from basic general counsel advice and contract review to tax appeal and other litigation, including representing a religious denomination before the Supreme Court of the United States. We assist associations, churches and religious denominations of all faiths and sizes with their legal needs so that they are free to focus on their important missions.

Churches, religious denominations and other religious associations have more to concern them today than they did in years past. No longer can they maintain an exclusive focus on their religious mission and support for their members. In order to remain strong and viable as religious and non-profit entities, they must also deal effectively with more business-oriented challenges, such as:

  • Outside general counsel services
  • Church property disputes
  • Liability issues
  • Employment law issues
  • Tax status disputes
  • Property tax appeals
  • Church schism cases
  • Contract disputes