Criminal Defense

Wilson Morton Downs Criminal DefenseBeing charged with a crime is life altering. If you are in this position, you need experienced and knowledgeable counsel representing your interest as early in the legal process as possible.

Wilson, Morton & Downs is uniquely qualified in the area of criminal defense, with attorneys who have served as District Attorney, Chief Assistant District Attorney and Chief Public Defender in one of Georgia’s largest urban circuits. We know and understand every aspect of the criminal justice system. Our attorneys can address any criminal charges you may face – no matter how serious, complex or challenging – in any local, state or federal court.

WMD prides itself on providing clients an honest and realistic assessment of their case while working closely with them to navigate the criminal justice system and secure the best possible result. In order to best serve our clients, we concentrate our criminal defense practice on those cases where professionals or business people face serious damage or destruction of their career or young offenders find their educational opportunities and future in jeopardy.

Our criminal defense practice includes:

  • Pre-charge discussions with law enforcement and prosecuting authorities
  • Pre-trial investigation
  • Pre-trial litigation (pleadings, motions practice)
  • Pre-trial negotiations
  • Trial
  • Appeals