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Schools and school systems face an astounding and ever-growing assortment of challenges, many of them involving education law. Public, private, and charter schools must all deal with a host of mission-specific needs in addition to the ongoing challenges, such as contract and employment issues, that arise in all organizations. Supporting these dedicated educational entities as they strive to teach the next generation requires in-depth subject matter knowledge. The attorneys of Wilson, Morton & Downs possess that knowledge, as well as extensive experience serving and protecting public and private schools and school systems. We interact extensively with our clients’ staff to obtain a full understanding of relevant issues while maintaining respect for the difficulty of their jobs.

Comprehensive services for public school systems, charter schools and private schools from Pre-K through grade 12 include:

  • General counsel
  • Special Education law
  • Section 504
  • EEOC proceedings
  • Contract review
  • Policy review and drafting
  • Office for Civil Rights regulatory issues
  • Employment law issues including Fair Dismissal Act hearings
  • Accreditation
  • Internal investigations
  • Public finance issues
  • Public bids and contracts
  • Board and system governance issues
  • Ethics issues (boards, administrators and teachers)
  • Charter system/charter school issues
  • Open Meetings Act
  • Open Records Act